Creation of a link (Resources)

You can create links in the project resources.

To create a link, you will first have to enter the project that it should be placed in, and then click add under 'Resources' followed by 'Link'. You can read more about 'Resources' in this guide.

The following window will then open:

  1. Start by typing a title for your link. This is what the other project participants will see before they click the link.
  2. Insert the URL address for the link.
  3. In far the most case, you should use 'Nothing (ordinary link)' under Communication interface. If this should be a SCORM API or AICC HACP link, you must make sure to choose these.
  4. Here you can indicate whether the link should be active, and the period of time it should be active. If it is not active, then it will not be shown on the project overview page.
  5. Here you can choose how to open the link. There are three different ways of opening the link: Existing window, new window or popup window.

If you want to be sure that your link opens, you should choose 'New window'.

If you choose 'Existing window', itslearning will try to integrate the page you are linking to. Two criteria must be meet for this to be possible:

  • The page must use SSL encryption (https://)
  • The page must allow integration into their x-frame options.

These are both something that the page you are linking to controls itself. Therefore, neither Digital nor itslearning can help, if it is not possible to integrate a page.