Adding participants to your project

When you have created a project, you will be listed as the project manager. You can add participants to the project.

  1. Click here if you want to invite people to participate in your project.
  2. Here you can see who are already part of the project, and their roles.
  3. Here you can see who are invited to participate in your project.

If you click 'Invite users', you will go to the following page:

You are now able to search for the participants who you want to invite.

4.   Here you can search using their first name and last name, however, if you know their study number (students) or initials (employees) you can also search for these by typing '%STUDYNUMBER' in the field Last name. E.g. '%or17s099'. The study number and initials are the ones in front of @ in your mail address.

5.   You can also search for participants based on the courses that have joined, if it is e.g. for group work in connection with an assignment.

6.   You can, in the same way, also search based on the hierarchy if there is collaboration between courses/teams.

7.   Here it is important that you make sure to check the boxes that are relevant for your search object. If you are searching for students, then you must check the box 'Student', and if it is a teacher, you must check the box 'Instructor'.

8.   When you have selected the settings for you search, click Search.

Here you see the results of my search. I have search for '%ADMIN' and have received a list of admins on the platform. You should now:

  1. Check the box for the users you want to invite
  2. Click on 'Invite users'.

The users will now receive a notification that they are invited to participate in the project. When they have accepted the invitation, they will be added to the project as project participants.

Please see the following for information about how this works: