The link collection

The link collection is a place in which links for the project can be collected and organised, as relevant for your work.

Do the following in the project to get to the collection:

  1. Click on 'More' in the project top menu.
  2. Choose 'Links' i the drop-down menu.

The link collection now opens:

3.   Click here to add a new link. Read more here.

4.   You can use categories to organise the various links in the link collection. You can e.g. create a category for pictures of dogs and a category for pictures of cats. Read more here about how you add a new category.

5.   You can also import bookmarks. To do this, you need to have saved them as a bookmark file (normally .html). In most browsers it is possible to export bookmarks. Make a search in Google to find out how you do this in your browser.

6.   Here you can export the link collection. The link collection will be downloaded in .html format so that it can be imported as bookmarks in other systems and browsers.

7.   When you have created a link or category, you can edit it by clicking on the pencil.

8.   You can also delete it by clicking on the red cross.

9.   If you want to organise your links in categories or change the structure, you can move them by clicking on 'Organise' next to each link.


To create a new link, you must click on 'Add new link' as shown in item 3 above.

You now need to enter information about your link and choose its position.

10.  Type a name for the link. This is the name that will be visible to the other project participants in the link collection. E.g. could be called simply 'DR Nyheder'.

11.  Here you can insert the URL address for your link.

12.  Here you can choose which category your link belongs to. If no categories have been created yet, you can read more about how you do this here.

13.  Here you can create a description for your link or e.g. mention specific observations that you have made and why you want to share it.

14.  When you have entered the information, click 'Save' and your link will be added.

Add new category

To create a new category, you must click on 'Add new category' as shown in item 4 above.

15.  Type a title for the category which describes the content that will be found in the category.

16.  Click 'Save' and your category will be added.

It is not possible to create sub-categories