E-mail notifications

If you do not want to have notifications turned on in your app or to open itslearning just to check for new messages, you can choose to sum up your messages through your e-mail.

In order to set up these configurations, you should log on to itslearning using a computer and then go to 'Your settings':

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner.
  2. Then click on 'Your settings'.

You will now get an overview of the settings that you can set up in your profile:

3.   Click on 'E-mail notifications'.

You will now have access to set up your settings for e-mail notifications.

4.   You can choose between the 4 settings indicated in the image above. By default, e-mail notifications are deactivated, as we would like people to use the app. However, for teachers it may become a bit too much to keep receiving a push notification every time a student writes a new message. If this is a problem, we recommend the setting 'Send daily notifications', and that they make their students aware of the fact that they cannot expect a direct answer.

5.   Click on 'Save' when you have selected the setting you want.