What is 'Your files'?

'Your files' is where you keep your work documents, notes, fils etc., where they are only accessible to you. It is your so called private file area in itslearning, that no other has access to.

To get to 'Your files', you must:

  1. Click on your name/picture in the upper right corner
  2. Click on 'Your files' in the menu

Then you must:

3.   Click 'your private files', which is a closed file area.

You are now able to administer your private files and folders.

4.   Click 'Add new file' to create a new file. The file created is a .html file and you are able to edit it afterwards by clicking on it. Editing happens by a Rich Text Editor, which you can read more about here.

5.   Click 'New folder' to create one or more folders, to organize your content.

6.   With 'Upload file' you can transfer a file from your computer.

7.   Here you can do different things with your files and folders, depending on what it is. If it is a .html file, which you have created through itslearning, you have the option of renaming and editing it. If it is a file from your computer, your only option is to rename it.

8. Here you can move marked files into folders, delete and copy them.