How to change your personal information

In itslearning you can manage your personal information, for example add additional information and a profile picture.

To get to change your details you must:

  1. Click on your name/picture in the upper right corner
  2. Click on 'Your settings' in the menu

3.   Then click 'Change details'.

You will now see a full overview of the information you can change:

4.   Here you can see your account information. This is the information you have filled-in and which is visible to others.

5.   Your e-mail address must be your Absalon provided, that is [email protected] or [email protected].

6.   At the moment, it is unknown what this 'Homepage' is for. We have not been able to locate where it is shown and we are awaiting an answer from itslearning.

7.   Here you can provide your nickname (for the chat). This is the name that will be shown to other participants (however, this does not mean that you can be anonymous. It is always possible to see who the sender of the message is).

8.   Here you can attach a profile picture.

9.   Here you can fill-in general information on your profile. Please notice that all the information provided here, will be visible to others when they visit your profile.

10.  Click 'Save' to save your settings.