What are 'dashboards' and 'projects'?

Dashboards are a kind of notice walls, that can be created on education level and for the entire Absalon. Whether you have access to other dashboards than Absalons, depends on to what extent your education has chosen to use the function dashboards. As a user in itslearning, it is only possible to view dashboards, regardless of being a teacher or student. Only admins can create and set up dashboards.

Projects are working spaces, that all users of itslearning can use. Everyone can create projects and invite people to them. In projects it is possible to share files, cooperate, communicate and much more. It is ideal for studygroups, projects etc. Teachers can also be invited into the project e.g. in connection to guidance etc. It is the person, who has created the project, that controls the access to it.

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