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Microsoft Office (Windows) for students (free of charge)

UC Absalon has made an arrangement with Microsoft, to offer all students a free Microsoft Office program package. The package includes the newest edition of Office. You can install it on up to 5 units. The programs are only available as long as you are a student at UC Absalon. Below is a guide, showing how to install Office.



Microsoft Office is more than just the Office packages. Online services are also available. Please be aware that Helpdesk will not provide support for these services.

Find the System requirements for Office here.

Step by step guide

In a webbrowser type:

Log in

Type your UCA mailadress and passcode - then click "Log på".

Log på Office 365

Office 365

Now you can begin the installation.

  1. Click "Installér Office" - And choose "Office365-apps"
Office 365

Download begins

Depending on the browser you are using, this might look a little different. Choose "Gem fil" (in other browsers it may be called"Kør")

Download begynder

When the file is saved

When the file is saved on the computer (commonly it will be in the transfer map). Find the file and dobbleclick it.

Når filen er gemt

Kør (Go)

Now choose "Kør" (go)


Safety warning

Click Ja (yes)

Sikkerheds advarsel

Installation will begin

The installation will happen online, don't disconnect the internet or close the computer meanwhile.

Så starter installationen

Background installation

Even though the installation is not completed, you can (when this message appears) use some of the programs.

Meget mærkeligt

Get started

Click Næste (next)



Accept the license agreement


Still processing

Den arbejder stadig


This is the text program Word. You now have access to all the Office programs. If you are asked to log in, your username will still be your UC Absalon mailadress.

Office 365 can be installed next to an older version of Microsoft Office. You can also choose to uninstall the old version.