Timetable scheduling

Our system for schedules and room booking

There are several ways to use TimeEdit. Here's how to easily find your schedule.

Where can I find TimeEdit?

Click here to find your TimeEdit schedule.

1. Choose your language

2. click here to log in to WAYF.

If you are not logged in, click on "Click here to log in with WAYF" and then log in using your @ edu.pha.dk username and associated password.

Now press "Schedule View":

Here's TimeEdit

3. Choose class.

4. Search for your Class

5. Show Schedule

Example of a class´s schedule

6. Enter the class name in the search box.

7. The result is shown here (the reason there are several results here is that I did not write any letter after 2019).

8. Click your class and it will appear under My criteria.

9. Then click Show schedule

It is possible to select more than one team

Schedule for or2019sa-1

This is what the schedule looks like - you can move back and forth and possibly.

Get your time table onto your mobile phone

The following two instructions (in Danish) describe step-by-step how to get your time table onto your phone (either integrated in an app like Google Calendar or as a shortcut on the phone).

Note: The following two links use Google Translate to transform the instructions from Danish to English. Please be aware of possible incorrect automatic translations!