Conference can be used for synchronous communication, i.e. live communication.

There are two different ways to use the Conference tool:

  1. Video conference (with video and audio)
  2. Chat conference (only text)

How to set up a conference:

  1. Enter title
  2. Enter a short description
  3. You may find it useful to select the check box 'Show conference in new window’. This makes it possible to participate in the conference and at the same time navigate in itslearning in theoriginal window. In that way, you and your students can use itslearning and at the same time use the Conference tool.
  4. Select which type of conference you want. You can choose between video-, audio- and text-based chat or a completely text-based chat.
  5. State when the conference should be open and available to participants.
  6. Save when you have entered your settings.

Start the conference

7.   Start the conference by clicking here.

8.   Here you can enter permissions for the users of the conference, see below in item 10-12.

9.   You will now be asked to activate the software Adobe Flash Player, click here and allow to run flash.

10.  Choose who is allowed to participate in the conference

11.  Choose who is allowed to edit the conference

12.  Provides an overview of the current permissions